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Caldera Palm

palo santo

palo santo

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Bring the outdoor elements indoors with Caldera Palm's "palo santo" candle, a fragrant masterpiece that transports you to a realm of spiritual tranquility. Infused with the sacred scent of Palo Santo, complemented by the rich and woody notes of oud, sandalwood, and myrrh, this candle captures the essence of ancient rituals and exotic destinations. The smoky, resinous aroma will envelop your space, creating an atmosphere of serenity and mystique. Allow the harmonious blend of these aromatic treasures to cleanse your surroundings and guide you on a fragrant journey of mindfulness. With our "palo santo" candle, you can elevate your senses and embrace the profound scents of sacred woods and resinous treasures.


A transparent smoke jar complete with a sleek metallic bronze lid. Heat-resistant base. 
Measurements: 3.75 in (w) x 4.1 in (h) / 9.52 cm (w) x 10.4 cm (h)
Weight: 1.025 lbs


Each wood wick should be trimmed to 1/8-3/16 inch prior to lighting. The shorter height allows the wooden wick to extract the fragrance from the wax properly. Please adhere to the warning label on the bottom of every candle to promote the best burn every time.

It's a candle. That crackles. This beauty features a cozy crackling wooden wick that when listened to closely simulates the comforting sound of logs burning on the fireplace. Our crackling wooden wicks create a lovely ambiance at any time of day or night. Click here for care instructions.


For the best burn, we recommend using a wick trimmer to trim your candle before each burn. All charred pieces of wood from previous burns should be removed to fuel a consistent flame. A charred wick could cause the flame to be too high or extinguish itself due to improper care.

With each first burn, it is encouraged that the candle burns long enough for the melted wax to reach the edges of the candle vessel. This step will prevent tunneling from occurring, preserving the overall quality of your candle. Last but not least, always use the proper tools or a lid to extinguish your candle flame. Not doing so, can cause the wax to deform.

Our candles do not include additives other than fragrance. We, at Caldera Palm, do not believe in adding potentially harmful components to ensure a more aesthetically pleasing look. Since our wax is 100% phthalate and additive-free, there may be small craters and imperfections that form when the wax solidifies proving its quality. 




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