Commitment to Quality

Our customers are the lifeline of our business. We put their happiness above all else, which is why we will always go out of our way to ensure that they get superior customer service, a wide range of shopping opportunities, and stellar products, just to name a few. It is important for us to maintain a culture of quality assurance acceptable to our peer review team, customers, and future subscribers. Our quality assurance promise establishes trustworthy standards and protocols that produce a great product every time. This is arguably the most human-centered standard held tightly by our company's core. At Caldera Palm, Quality Management Systems are in place to assure gold standard ingredients are used to meet our promise of quality. We continue to do our research on what a candle should truly be and only source ingredients from companies with similar values. As always, customer feedback is greatly appreciated in order to fuel our continuous improvement, exceeding quality expectations.

With Love,

Caldera Palm

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